I remember the first time I ever saw Apple’s iPhone. I was at a Key Club International Convention in Orlando, Florida sitting outside my hotel room chatting with other members of my Key Club District (hotel hallways were very popular gathering grounds because we weren’t allowed in each other’s rooms). A senior from a club in Cave City, Arkansas was showing off the first generation iPhone and I remember being most amazed at the feature that will turn down your music when you get a phone call and then turn it back when the call is over… this was technology at its peak for me. Roughly four years and three generations of iPhones later I know posses my very own, complete with volume adjustments galore.

I’ve evolved from the wide-eyed child I was with the first generation iPhone and now I am diving head first into the pool of options the iPhone provides. I literally discover something new almost daily, and most of these discoveries are benefiting me in my school work and major surprisingly. For example, I’ve downloaded at least five apps that generate news, stay updated or are constantly feeding out new information about the world and its happenings.

As a Public Relations major I am seriously eating this up. With one tap of my finger I automatically know everything that was reported on USA Today, Good Morning America, and even who’s on Conan O’Brien tonight. Now, I realize that I am a late iPhone bloomers and I still consider myself an iPhone newbies but I am just so excited for the almost endless opportunities I now have at my fingertips (literally) with the iPhone. Especially as a PR major, I now can stay that much more up to date and on top of the most recent news.

Needless to say, I won’t be an #iPhonenewbie for long.

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