I was assigned today in my Journalism class to find three indirect and three direct leads from stories both print and on-line. I was on my last direct lead read when I came across a headline that read “Woman walks across America with webcam on head”. Obviously, I was intrigued and continued on to watch a short podcast and read an article about her posted on KSDK.com.

The question is: Was she crazy or awesome?

Apparently the woman was attempting to promote how community involvement and common hospitatlity can indeed get you across the United States in one piece. But her second motive was to promote social media. (Thus increasing her awesome factor.) She hosted a daily video blog about her journies and the interesting people she met and said that hundreds of people subscribed to her channel and followed her whereabouts via social media.

As a future Public Relations professional and average user of social media, I would like to give this woman a huge high five and a cheeseburger. This story of triumph and determination may have gone untold had she not been equipped with our most basis social networking facets like video blogging and Twitter. What a shame it would have been had her journey not been told, but thankfully due to her constant updating to followers it is told.

Personally, I would have loved to have made a mini series about her for maybe the Documentary Channel but that’s just the PR person in me. Either way, her story in all it’s I-walked-across-America-with-only-two-pairs-of-shoes glory deserves a very welcoming homecoming.

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