If you’re on the Twitterverse you may have noticed a new acccount that is clucking up quite a storm on the air waves. I recently read a story on Mashable about an uproar courtesy of the New York Times recent article entitled “Chicken’s Attraction is Truly Skin Deep” which was accompanied by a somewhat scandulous picture of a raw chicken striking a flirting pose… never thought I’d use raw chicken and flirting pose in the same sentence.

In reaction to the article, social media gurus took to the internet with fingers hotter than an Alabama fryin’ pan. The creation of @NYTChicken was created and started cranking out a solid 19 tweets to well over 1, 600 followers according to Mashable.com.

The on-line article goes on to log the involvement of the oh-so famous Kentucky Fried Chicken and their social media team. KFC’s social media team tweeted at the @NYTChicken account suggesting it cover itself up, preferably with Original Recipe… really, KFC?

I have to give major props to the KFC social media for two reasons. The first for being so observant as to find this Twitter account after it was created so quickly. The second reason is for using the chicken-based Twitter account to (comedically) promote thier company. It was slightly shameless but at the same time a total genius move to interact with a customer created Twitter account which creates a small relationship with them by being on the same level, as most social media websites do for everyone. From a PR perspective, I think just this simple mention on Twitter will do exactly what KFC intended it to do, and that is to gain customers. Isn’t it fascinating on just a simple 140 character long message can promote your product to thousands?

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