On an (exceptionally) early Tuesday morning, I checked Mashable.com for any ideas on something PR/interesting to blog about. I’ve found that Mashable really great with teasing out the stories that I want to read and I found that struck me as somewhat fascinating this morning, and it supports my iPhone/smart phone obsession.

According to Mashable.com AT&T will be debuting a new app for Andriod later this year that allows users to hold different separate profiles on one smart phone. Meaning, this will allow you have a business/professional phone and your personal phone all wrapped into one. Mashable.com reports that “Corporate email, calendars, apps and data will only be accessible through the work profile).

Mashable.com and I both agree that this app will be wildly successful. The ability to have virtually two separate lives under one piece of technology is ground-breaking and will allow business professional to better function without being interrupted by personal phone calls and ect. From a Public Relations standpoint, I think the advertising for the app could a million different ways. Just the commercials alone promoting this app could be so multi-dimensional with the ability to almost be two different people. I could be wrong, by AT&T seems to be the first network to propose making additional profiles on your phone. I’m eager to see if other phone ompaines pick this idea up and how their spin on it will look and pan out. I’m especially eager to see if Apple tries to redo it.

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