If you look on Twitter, the hashtag that I’ve provided as this posts name is actually a trending topic. It’s an abbreviation for Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference, and it’s a very good thing it’s shortened. This past October 14-18, PRSSA and PRSA took over Orlando, Florida with a frenzy of social media gurus, techno geeks, business cards a plenty and experts from the country’s most sought after jobs. I was fortunate enough to attend this conference held where dreams come true by the generous hearts of SOFAC and the MSU Communication Department’s kind donations. I not only brought back hilarious and unforgettable memories from the trip itself, but also greater insight and knowledge of how the professional world of PR works and how to jump in head first.

On Saturday afternoon I attended a forum entitled Fashion: Know How to Work It. Like the majority of the forums I attended, the Fashion PR forum was packed primarily with girls who look, talk, think, speak, function and act just like me and who want the exact same job as me. This realization (which occurs to me about once a week, I hope other college senior experience this too) was unsettling but empowering as I listened to Margaux Caniato speak about her involvement across the Fashion PR board and how she eventually landed with VP+C Public Relations.

Caniato’s story was uplifting and provided hope to simple PR majors like myself that creativity, hard work ethic and a fighting spirit really can get you anywhere you want to go. But her happy-go-lightly encouragement was short-lived when I attended a second forum that focused heavily on the “it’s who you know” side of Public Relations.

I don’t doubt either philosophy, in fact, I fully support and believe in each. Which may seem hypocritical and it is; therefore, I’m at a rather large fork in the road where as a soon to graduate college student I have the choice to make between the two work ethics. Should I go out on a limb and start dry calling and e-mailing for more information about companies I like and want to work for? Or should I continue to stay warm and cozy in my comfort zone with the contacts I’ve already made?

I have no idea.

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