I love advertising. I love glossy, photo shopped pictorial in magazines. I love blown-up images stretched across billboards. I even love the tacky t-shirts designs for local dives and bars that tourists can’t seem to get enough of. If I wasn’t a PR major (and I had any type of mathematical gifts) I would like to major in advertising and sales.

To connection my passion for PR and admiration of advertising I decided to Google search “best commercial 2011”. Simple as that, and what did I uncover? But wouldn’t ya know it? A Volkswagen commercial, in fact, it was the ad featuring the youngster dawning a Darth Vader costume attempting to move household items with his mind just like in Star Wars. The minute long ad begins with heavy, dramatic music that climaxes with each new attempt at mind levitation the young (boy probably) child makes.

Finally, it shows Darth Vader giving it one last go by trying to lock his father’s Volkswagen with his mind when from within the house, the father auto locks the vehicle using his key fob. Stunned and amazed, the commercial ends with the mini Vader blown away by his feat. There are no spoken words or announcer at the end of the commercial, just the normal stats and prices.

What I believe makes this advertising gold is it’s appeal to such a wide variety of people. Obviously, children will not be purchasing Volkswagen in the near future but the image of the imaginative young man appeals to adults and parents by encouraging them to encourage their children to be innovative and challenge everything, like Darth Vader. The message I conceived was that if you have young kids and you buy this car, it will help release your child’s inner creative mind and encourage them to be whoever they want to be and to never give up.

Which isn’t too shabby for a German engineering commercial.

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One thought on “#brillance

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I feel like Volkswagen is one of those brands that goes outside the box. Their style of advertising and messages behind it are clearly successful since Volkswagen produced the best commercial this year. Thanks for the fun post 🙂

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