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I was asked my PRSSA chapter’s Vice President to write a brief summary about my favorite experiences at PRSSA National Conference, interesting things I learned and the fascinating people I met.

I’ve also copied and pasted my entry and attached the URL so everyone can be directed to our lovely PRSSA blog ran by the lovely Bethany Perry. Oh, and if you’re wondering there was a Carnaval Brazilian Masquerade the Friday night of National Conference… hence the Zorro masks.

“I attended a really fascinating forum while in Orlando for the PRSSA National Conference just a short week ago. A 50-minute long lecture/Q & A with one of the fashion industry’s leading Public Relations influencers, Margaux Caniato spoke with us about her involvement across the globe with fashion. I found it most interesting that she received her degree from a fashion and design institute in California and now works on some of the largest fashion campaigns in the world, most recently he Moussy project. The Moussy project is a Japanese inspired line  that aims to accentuate personality while setting and defining new trends; Moussy was brought to the US. and Caniato gave a run down of her PR tactics and plans to launch this new line into the public eye head first. I won’t go into detail of how she planted publicity stunts and staged appearances in downtown New York, but I will expand what I learned from her stories.

I took away from this forum that in order to finally land a dream job or an exciting assignment in fashion (or any PR for that matter) it takes a lot of networking and understanding of the audience you are working for and the people around you. I have never studied fashion but I gave a great respect and passion for it, and I know for me to become an insider and I need to start at the bottom and work my way up with certain stores and companies to eventually land my dream job.

For more information regarding the I’m Moussy campaign and the clothing itself, follow them on Twitter @ImMoussyNY”

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