I recently read an article published on Mashable.com and written by Lauren Indvik entitled “Oscar de la Renta Sells Perfume Ring as Facebook Exclusive”. Two key words caught my attention in this post: Oscar de la Renta and Facebook. One of the world’s largest and most respected brands, known across the globe for designing top-notch, above and beyond clothing, accessories and footwear has begun a campaign on Facebook? Really, Facebook? This company clothes hoards of Hollywood starlets every award season, with people literally drooling over the patterns, fabrics and designs… and they need to boost themselves on Facebook? You don’t have to be a fashion guru to know that Oscar de le Renta does need Facebook’s assistance in promoting its new line, or perfume ring for that matter.

I believe that Mashable and Ms. Indvik was as surprised as I was to read that the house of de le Renta was using it’s Facebook fan page to sell a cocktail sized perfume ring for the horrendously low price of $65. And yet, fans were not surprised as most (according to Indvik) were already familiar with de le Renta’s Facebook sampling campaign. An interview conducted by Mashable with the CEO of Oscar de le Renta supports that the company that Facebook will become “a major channel of commerce” for the company.

Well Oscar, good for you. The PR hype and buzz around this Facebook exclusive was wildly successful and proved once again, that Oscar de le Renta knows how to do it big.

As if he didn’t already know how to make an entrance… #butseriously

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