To quote an age-old saying… “Any PR is good PR.”

I agree. Whether it’s a scandalous front page story splattered across every grocery store tabloid or a feature story inside a hometown journal, any type of press is good press because it puts your face (and other appropriate body parts), your name and your cause in the public’s eye, i.e. the Hilton sisters.

On Monday night I noticed the ad wall in one of my academic buildings had been reorganized and was now legible. I took a closer look at one flyer promoting the Theatre & Dance Department’s Fall Dance Concert. As a member the Theatre & Dance Department (I have a minor in dance, fun fact), I already planned on attending the concert, in fact, I was supposed to be a performer but had to pull out due to prior time commitments.

Here is a copy of the flyer.

Take a look at the sentence sequence at the bottom of the flyer. In order from top to bottom they read:

– Production Name

– Department

– Performance Month

– Performance location

– Performance dates and times

“NOVEMBER” was so inappropriately placed that it destroyed the flow of information, breaking up the time and date flyer portion making it more difficult to read. Granted this is a minor flaw n the grand scheme of things when it comes to advertising for the dance concert, but as a Public Relations major it’s my responsiblity to notice mistakes like this.

I may be being a little critical and nit-picky.


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