A few tweeks to… The 2012 Golden Globes

This past Sunday night, the Hollywood foreign Film Association hosted the 69th Annual Golden Globes Awards at the Beverly Hills Hilton in California. The prestigious red carpet was rolled out for stars of the big and small screen accompanied by a sprinkling of entertainment news reporters such as Giuliana Rancic and Carson Daly.

I’ve always been an admirer of award shows having a severely soft spot for judging gowns that costs as much as a year’s tuition and books at Missouri State, yet this year I paid attention to what the stars were wearing and also what they were saying.

I switched back and forth from E!’s and NBC’s coverage for the star-studded arrivals, Glam Cams and interview, watched the entire show and the post show progressions as well. The following are just A FEW items I would have considered before airing The Golden Globes:

Educate the Actor: When Ryan Seacrest spoke briefly with actress/presenter Reese Witherspoon he immediately complimented her on her dress. In Witherspoon’s reaction to Seacrest’s question of if her dress was red (it was, very much so) she responded by laughing about how she didn’t know what color red it was. As with all awards shows, the dress worn by the actress is sometimes more talked about than their work they’ve been nominated for.

   If I was Witherspoon’s publicist I would have fully prepared her for questioning about her chosen dress. The gown was stunning and the designer probably worked extremely hard to get his creation on such a big star like Witherspoon and deserved to have his masterpiece properly promoted. Perhaps a statement proclaiming the dress as “fire engine red” or “candy apple red” would have made a bolder statement to the audience thus making the designer more appealing.

Tag the Talent: During E!’s post Golden Globe coverage of the stars milling around the Hilton, waiting to attend various parties there were three commentators posted up in the lobby narrating the goings on. I could place one face (Ross the Intern) and recognized a second from her role on Are You There, Chelsea? but could not figure out the third girls identity. By not identifying themselves and possibly giving a little background or name tag, it left viewers wondering why they were watching these no names talk about celebrities. I could have appreciated their comments so much more had I simply known who they were!

They’re pros, let them talk! I was so pleasantly surprised at how tasteful Ricky Gervais was in his job hosting. Although he did not disappoint and did indeed let a few crude comments fly, but overall he wasn’t as horrible as the previews had made him out to be. What I was upset about was the allotted time each presenter was given to introduce their award.

I was very excited to see Jimmy Fallon present because I’ve watched him on SNL and Late Night for years and knew that he’d ham it up with co-presenter Adam Lavinge but their banter was cut much too short. It’s the interaction between the stars and the light-heartedness brought on my harmless joking that makes viewers truly relate to Hollywood.

Overall, I really enjoyed the 2012 Golden Globes, and believed every aspect with off without a hitch. From the viewpoint of my couch in small-town, Missouri I thought it was a great success. These are just a few tweeks I would have made and they come strictly from a Public Relations perspective.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvHXzP2SpLA  Here’s a little taste in case you missed it!

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