Intern Journal Entry #1

In between making comments and tweeks about entertainment news, I’ll be blogging about my experiences and daily activities at my internship(s). Right now I am an intern with KY3, Inc. in the Promotions Department where I assist the Senior Promotions Director is creating advertisements, commercials, PSAs, web content, break ins, ect. KY3 is a NBC affiliated news station and much of what I work with is promoting local Ozark/ Springfield area material.

Today I tagged along on my first KY3 video shoot to The Plaid Door which is a resale store owned and operated by the Springfield Junior League. Two anchors from ABC affiliated (we share a building) news station KSPR were being filmed in an ad promoting the Junior League’s annual Oscar watch night. The Oscar watch night is an upscale opportunity for viewers to get dolled up and celebrate like the stars watching this prestigious award show.

I can’t let out information about the shoot or its content but I can say that I learned a few things from the experience.

1. Let the talent try. My supervisor and te director of the shoot came prepared with a script that the anchors had seen and approved but as shooting rolled one the anchors would chime in ideas. These ideas were usually quirky and kind of goofy, allowing them to show off their personalities a little. And what do you know? They worked really well.

2. Work with the elements. This shoot was filmed inside a resale store so there were racks and racks of donated clothes positioning everywhere. One angle was need that required some height and a downward sloop. Using the top of a book-case, my supervisor was able to prop the camera up using his wallet to give the camera a downward slope.

3. Lots of options. One scene in particular was really funny and to ensure maximum funniness, it was shoot in about four different angles. Once from the female perspective and once from the male, for example. I think this’ll give the director a lot fo different frames to work with which is key for a 30 second commercial.

More to come on my experiences with my internship(s)!

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