Intern Journal #2

Into week number 3 with my internship with Ky3, Inc. I’m finding I’m learning something new everyday and my supervisor is talking faster everyday, two things I’m working hard to retain in my brain.

A recent project I helped work on was a 30 second commercial promoting a story about Springfield CrimeStoppers and how local residents can help fight crime and maintain a safe community for their family. Many counties have adopted this hotline that encourages citizens to report crimes they’ve witnessed in exchange for cash rewards. The story is very appealing and truly does apply to everyone in the viewing area. The actually story itself is beside the point though.

My duty was to help create a 30 break to advertise the story set to air later in week. These types of ads are very common in any city so chances are you’ve seen this type of commercial before. My responsibilities included taking video and audio shot by one of the reporters, find the best shots with the best quotes, edit down audio and generate background music that wraps the story into one.

I wasn’t expecting the process to be so collaborative. For example, my supervisor and I could not have edited tape down had the reporter and camera man not provided extensive amounts and various types of angles and shots. It’s not the Promotions department to get those quotes or find the best light for an excellent shot, it’s our job to make the quotes and shots look awesome. The reporter, cameraman and Promotions department work hand in hand.

I have not located the actual video of this story but I do have the URL for the Facebook page describing the CrimeStoppers mission.

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