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Intern Journal #5

The Oscars are coming to Springfield!

Not literally, though, but that’d be way cool.

Below is a link to KSPR’s website describing the invite called KSPR presents Oscar Night America. There is a link on my Facebook page with a video that I helped shoot starring two of KSPR’s anchors picking out the perfect Oscar Night dress. It’s very clever and I think you’d enjoy it.

I really want to encourage you to participate in this red carpet event because it will benefit Isabel’s House which is a shelter for abused women and their children. These organization is near to my heart because it is my sorority’s philanthropy. I have volunteered many times at Isabel’s House and the facility is remarkable. The housing, resources and accommodations women and children alike recieve are amazing. Isabel’s House can flourish and reach out to more families suffering domestic violence by the kind contributions made by events like Oscar Night America. I’m very excited to be at the event and covering the social media aspects for KY3 and i hope to see everyone in the Hollywood best this Sunday for the Oscars!

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Intern Journal #4

The excitement truly never stops at KY3.

Yesterday I tagged along to Battlefield Lanes to help KY3’s Community Relations Director shoot a commercial advertising for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks with the Ozarks First morning anchors. I learned two important things that shoot: 1. Bowling alleys open at 9am. 2. Morning news report anchors are hilarious.

The ad will run on KY3 soon and we spent a little over an hour and half setting up, reviewing lines and practice bowling. I was thrilled to be a part of this ad because i personally know the Special Events intern for Big Brothers Big Sisters and I knew she’d be working on this benefit bowling event so I was happy to help.

Basically, the shoot was the 3 anchors goofing about the bowling alley informing the camera how much this event is going to be and much it’ll help out the kiddos. The light-heartedness and fun spirit made for an easy work environment and the anchors really took the bowling idea and ran with it.

Another thing I was impressed with was the amount of pictures the 3 of them took and how they would comment about wanting to Tweet them or post them on Facebook. I was impressed because it showed their fun-loving sides and it was honest because we were the only ones in the alley at 10am (go figure!).

I’m eager to see this commercial run and I’m hone=ored to have been a part of it.

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Intern Journal #3

Rolling into week #4 with KY3, Inc. in the Promotions department and I’m very excited to introduce one of the first commercials (in full) that I’ve been able to help cast and produce. My supervisor thought it would be hilarious if we created a commercial for Super Bowl Sunday with our beloved anchors getting sacked by a giant football player. It was my responsibility to recruit a football player for the commercial.

So what did I do?

Contact the head coach of Missouri State University’s football program, of course. Who knew he’d answer back!

After casting the football player, we filmed the shots with the anchors getting sacked in super slow motion so we could speed it up in Final Cut Pro later on and add sound effects. I was with my supervisor when he was editing the film to make it look like the anchors were getting tackled to the ground and I learned the Final Cut Pro is an AMAZING tool! If you’re not using it, you should, the possibilities are endless.

And here is the final project! I’m just the intern and I shouldn’t be as  excited as I am because my supervisor did the majority of the work but I got to help so I’m proud.

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A few tweeks to… Madonna Super Bowl Press Conference


This is the link from E! Online to the video of Madonna’s press conference pre- Super Bowl. Cooler than a cucumber, this American music icon gracefully weaved her way through an array of probing questions about her up-coming performance at the Super Bowl this Sunday, February 5th.

Typical to any press conference, reports will try to manuever comments and remarks into getting more information out of the interviewees’ answer. Just like the headline read Madonna did let slip a few juicy tid bits about her newest single and what she will sing during the halftime show.

After watching the conference and contemplating what I would do if a super star like Madonna was my client during the her reign as Super Bowl queen, I came up with a few suggestions rather than tweaks to her public debut.

1. Zero Mention of New Material: If you watch the clip, you’ll hear Madonna break news of her dropping another single sometime next week but goes on to laugh about how it may be heard sooner rather than later. With the reputation like Madonna’s there’s no need to give viewers a teaser like that. From decades of unbelievable concerts, performances, music videos and movies Madonna has made a name for herself by simply performing. She is her own hype. Now if a lesser iconic star was performing, like One Republic or Selena Gomez, then I’d expect some pre-show buzz about their song selection because they haven’t been in the music scene for 20-something years.

2. Less is More: Granted Madonna had no control over what types of questions reporters would ask so there is no true way to censor questions yet she could have been more discreet about performance preparation. Stating the started rehearsal in December and have been practicing since after the holidays was fine but if she would have simply stated the her and her stage crew were working very hard for some time-and not put a specific time or date-then maybe there could be a bit more mystery to it.

Gotta keep ’em on their toes!


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