Intern Journal #3

Rolling into week #4 with KY3, Inc. in the Promotions department and I’m very excited to introduce one of the first commercials (in full) that I’ve been able to help cast and produce. My supervisor thought it would be hilarious if we created a commercial for Super Bowl Sunday with our beloved anchors getting sacked by a giant football player. It was my responsibility to recruit a football player for the commercial.

So what did I do?

Contact the head coach of Missouri State University’s football program, of course. Who knew he’d answer back!

After casting the football player, we filmed the shots with the anchors getting sacked in super slow motion so we could speed it up in Final Cut Pro later on and add sound effects. I was with my supervisor when he was editing the film to make it look like the anchors were getting tackled to the ground and I learned the Final Cut Pro is an AMAZING tool! If you’re not using it, you should, the possibilities are endless.

And here is the final project! I’m just the intern and I shouldn’t be as  excited as I am because my supervisor did the majority of the work but I got to help so I’m proud.

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