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Intern Journal #7

Currently I intern at the Ozarks’ NBC affiliated news station, KY3, in the Promotions Department. Three days a week for three hours I assist the Senior Promotions Director in prouding promos for news broadcasts, commercials for clients, KY3 i.d.s, ads for community sponsors and regular weekly airings. On Friday in particular I get to work on teasers for the 5 o’clock show which allows me to know what is being covered every Friday, which is typically a slow news time period. In order to beef up the cast we create teaser that preview what the broadcast will cover to entice viewers tuning into KY3 in the late afternoon.

The use of audio and visual play a key role is making sure viewers are receiving just enough information to make them tune in a watch the 5 o’clock broadcast. Much like weekday stories which draw a greater crowd, audio and video need to encourage those watching it is worth their while to continue watching.

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Intern Journal #6

I am really, really liking my time at KY3 and I am learning a lot of things about promotions and advertising that I never thought I’d need to know. Most of my background and intern work has been field work, talking to people and using my personality to sell and promote. While at KY3 it’s all about making others look good and making sure what they’re trying to see looks amazing. For instance, there is a lan care company in the Ozarks area that requested KY3 make a commercial for them. They provide my boss with some details about their company and he does the rest. Using web image sites for pictures, videos and sound bits he drafts what he believes would make an inviting commercial, pitches it and then goes from there to produce it.

There’s a lot of tidious work and planning that goes into producing a commercial because so many people need to approve it and they small detail that go into designing and making the computer programs agree with your vision is hard. I deal mostly with After Effects which is the software editing program we use to produce the weekly Daily Deal commercials. It took me several Fridays to master the art of importing, sound editing and folder creating to create five days of Daily Deals but I mastered the art and with the help of the template already created, it’s a simple task.

Another aspect of my internship with KY3 I enjoy is the time i get to spend with the community Relations Director, and it’s not just because she gives me Starbucks Frappicinos and Coke Zeroes. She works on what is called Ozarks Honor Flight which is non-profit non-event that allows Ozarks veterans the opportunity to fly to Washington, D.C. to see the memorial there and fly back free of charge. The stories that she tells and the amazing memories she ahs created for some of America’s forgotten heroes is unbelievable and truly shows how rewarding her job is.

I hope to spend a lot more time with her in the latter months of my semester at KY3.

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A few tweeks to… the ADDY 33 Awards

The ADDY 33 Awards is an award show presented by the American Advertising Federation each winter to recognize the best in adverting for Southwest Missouri and parts of Arkansas. I was invited by the Missouri State Ad Club president to attend the event via Twitter. Just goes to show you social media really can give you the best connections.

Both my internships submitted pieces for ADDY awards and about of them took home major awards, one of which won Best of Show which was a huge honor because I actually worked on that piece last summer. But winning aside, there were a few things I noticed while attending the ADDY 33 Awards that I would have changed. Granted the AAF of the Ozarks did an outstanding job putting such a fancy event together, I would done a few things differently.

1. Better banners- The theme of the evening was “Hats Off to You” which encouraged everyone to wearing a fancy or outrageous hat to the event. Plastic top hats decorated the tables and hat shaped confetti was scattered about the place settings. Yet behind the stage were two long banners that had a silhouette of a person tipping off their hat, it was just the outline and it was extremely hard to determine where the person was and where the background color was. I personally just thought it was a little to abstract for the event.

2. Longer happy hour- The invitation called for an hour long happy hour but guests didn’t really start showing up until about 25 minutes before the dinner was supposed to be served. Guests trickled in from both the front and back entrances into the banquet room and that made for some odd mingling. I would have carried on the cocktail hour at least until everyone had shifted into the main room.

3. livelier hosts- The hosts for the evening were two local TV personalities, one of younger woman and the other an older gentlemen. The age difference may have been what made it funny but I’m not sure if everyone got it. The jokes were somewhat dry and forced and didn’t seem like either of them were too excited to be there. None the less, they kept the crowd wanting more.

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A few tweeks to… Oscar Night America 2012

Warning! This is a post mostly dedicated to how excited I was to be asked to run social media for KSPR News at their annual event, Oscar Night America. I was asked by the Community Relations woman for KY3 and KSPR to run the Twitter and Facebook feed for the night and I could not have said no, in fact, I said yes.

I’ve included a link that will describe the purpose of Oscar Night America and who it benefit and the fancy details of being able to host such an event in Springfield, Missouri. But I will be writing about my take and my opinions on how the evening was ran and what I thought of its execution. I personally know 2 of the women who serve on the planning committee so I promise I will not use specific names in my post.

1. The Perfect venue Chosen to host Oscar Night America was the Juanite K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts located right off Missouri State’s campus. It’s a gorgeous hall and the perfect location for the event. The only set back I saw in having Oscar Night America here was the size of the theatre. It’s a huge theatre and probably cost the planning committee a lot of money to rent and I was so sad to see the theatre under utilized due to all the hustle and bustle going on in the house of the hall with the food and drink vendors. Perhaps the event could have been hosted in a venue with a smaller theatre to save some money because the amount of seats in the theatre were under utilized.

2. Hearding Cats- Invited to attend this event was some of Springfield’s most elite and well-known persons which truly did make it a red carpet event for Springfield. There was a real red carpet lined with press and cameras wanting to snag an interview with everyone and even a real Oscar from a past winner who calls Springfield home. The draw back to having so many guests is the inability to make them all gather in one location. With 10 or so enticing food and drink vendors placed about the hall it was almost impossible to reach each attendee. Plus the fact that some showed late. I would have made sure there was a working microphone system throughout the hall that could be used by a host to inform guests of when the Oscars were starting or when was the appropriate time to join the evening’s hosts in the theatre. Just something to announce over a loud-speaker to grab everyone’s attention.

Let me state, that these are simply just suggestions that I came up with throughout the course of the night. Oscar Night America was a GREAT success and my comments are not to be taken in consideration that the night wasn’t anything but. I fully enjoyed myself and cannot wait to see the future successes this event will carry in years to come.


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