A few tweeks to… the ADDY 33 Awards

The ADDY 33 Awards is an award show presented by the American Advertising Federation each winter to recognize the best in adverting for Southwest Missouri and parts of Arkansas. I was invited by the Missouri State Ad Club president to attend the event via Twitter. Just goes to show you social media really can give you the best connections.

Both my internships submitted pieces for ADDY awards and about of them took home major awards, one of which won Best of Show which was a huge honor because I actually worked on that piece last summer. But winning aside, there were a few things I noticed while attending the ADDY 33 Awards that I would have changed. Granted the AAF of the Ozarks did an outstanding job putting such a fancy event together, I would done a few things differently.

1. Better banners- The theme of the evening was “Hats Off to You” which encouraged everyone to wearing a fancy or outrageous hat to the event. Plastic top hats decorated the tables and hat shaped confetti was scattered about the place settings. Yet behind the stage were two long banners that had a silhouette of a person tipping off their hat, it was just the outline and it was extremely hard to determine where the person was and where the background color was. I personally just thought it was a little to abstract for the event.

2. Longer happy hour- The invitation called for an hour long happy hour but guests didn’t really start showing up until about 25 minutes before the dinner was supposed to be served. Guests trickled in from both the front and back entrances into the banquet room and that made for some odd mingling. I would have carried on the cocktail hour at least until everyone had shifted into the main room.

3. livelier hosts- The hosts for the evening were two local TV personalities, one of younger woman and the other an older gentlemen. The age difference may have been what made it funny but I’m not sure if everyone got it. The jokes were somewhat dry and forced and didn’t seem like either of them were too excited to be there. None the less, they kept the crowd wanting more.

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