Intern Journal #6

I am really, really liking my time at KY3 and I am learning a lot of things about promotions and advertising that I never thought I’d need to know. Most of my background and intern work has been field work, talking to people and using my personality to sell and promote. While at KY3 it’s all about making others look good and making sure what they’re trying to see looks amazing. For instance, there is a lan care company in the Ozarks area that requested KY3 make a commercial for them. They provide my boss with some details about their company and he does the rest. Using web image sites for pictures, videos and sound bits he drafts what he believes would make an inviting commercial, pitches it and then goes from there to produce it.

There’s a lot of tidious work and planning that goes into producing a commercial because so many people need to approve it and they small detail that go into designing and making the computer programs agree with your vision is hard. I deal mostly with After Effects which is the software editing program we use to produce the weekly Daily Deal commercials. It took me several Fridays to master the art of importing, sound editing and folder creating to create five days of Daily Deals but I mastered the art and with the help of the template already created, it’s a simple task.

Another aspect of my internship with KY3 I enjoy is the time i get to spend with the community Relations Director, and it’s not just because she gives me Starbucks Frappicinos and Coke Zeroes. She works on what is called Ozarks Honor Flight which is non-profit non-event that allows Ozarks veterans the opportunity to fly to Washington, D.C. to see the memorial there and fly back free of charge. The stories that she tells and the amazing memories she ahs created for some of America’s forgotten heroes is unbelievable and truly shows how rewarding her job is.

I hope to spend a lot more time with her in the latter months of my semester at KY3.

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