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Intern Journal #8

A very busy Spring has kept me from properly recording my work done at KY3 but luckily I have been put on several delightful projects that I can easily recall and write about from the past few weeks. Since my boss has received a promotion to Creative Sales my work has differed only a little in that I now help others in the KY3, Inc. offices with their endeavors. One thing that I have learned that I will keep with me forever is to keep a very clean and organized office. I have been working with the Community Relations Director, who is absolutely amazing. In fact, if someday I can grow up to be like her and do the amount of work she accomplishes in one week, I would live a very happy and fufilled life. She is simply amazing.

I have recently been assisting her in putting together this season’s Ozark Honor Flight. Ozark Honor Flight was started by Ky3, Inc. and promoted on-air primarily promoted by KY3 anchor Steve Grant. The flight, produced by the Community Relations Director), flies are veterans from Springfield, Missouri to the World War II and Vietnam memorials located in Washington, D.C. and back. Basically, the entire trip is less than one day but provides veterans with a sense of fulfillment and achievement for a lifetime of service. The veterans are accompanied on this trip with a guardian with all expenses paid. My duties lately have been to recruit KY3, Inc. viewing area schools requesting they take a few minutes from their day to address letters to the veterans thanking them for their service. The letters are so personal and really add a touch of local thankfulness from the community that truly touches the heroes hearts. Alongside this I get to hear delightful stories (some tear-jerking and some gut-busting) about these veterans, which is always a treat.

While working with my supervisor I have gotten to experiment a bit more with PhotoShop and After Effect Pro, both of which belong to a completely new domain of “Public Relations” that I have not gotten much experience in but I am doing my best. I have created images for Save a Lot commerical, which took me 2 hours to make two white bars, a golden star, and the worlds National and Sunshine. I also researched landscaping photos and attempted to create the word landscaping by Photoshopping the rocks from the pictures into letters to be one fluent word. Needless to say this is very difficult and sadly, I was unsuccessful in making my supervisor’s vision a reality. Luckily, he went in a totally different direction with that commercial.

In the next month leading up to graduation I hope to work more with KY3 and Springfield are events. Right now there is a lot of focus on work for clients around Springfield for their services but I’d like to perhaps work on more promotional work directly toward the station. But I’m not complaining. I like what I do and it is all an excellent learning experience!

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