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Internal Journal #10

It’s been a very busy spring, that’s for sure. KY3 is bursting at the seams with request from new and old clients for commerical spot on air. Almost every day that I have been in the KY3 offices, there’s more scripts to be written and more shoots to be schdueld. Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a little bit more of the account side rather than just the creative side of producing a commerical. Under my internship I work a lot with writing scripts and deveolping ideas for the client in teerms of creative-ness. (Not a word, I know.) I never saw too much of how we secured this client or who dealt with managing the business owner. But now that I have worked a little with the Account Executives I see how their sales techniques and ability to communicate effectively with business onwers is truly the first step in producing a well made commerical.

In addition to being exposed to new aspects and “offices” within the KY3 offices, I have become a bit of a celebrity in the process. Ok, not really, but my vioce was used in a commerical for Springfield Mattress Co. Not in the way you’d except either. For a 30 second spot about mattresses, I whispered all my lines about how comfy the beds were, how long they’d been in business, and how much their customers love them. Needless to say, this type of line delivery was outof the ordinary but it felt cool to actually be a part of a commerical I’d been assisting with.

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